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MT Consulting

October 3, 2003 - 111 words , 1 comment
If you are using Movable Type on your site, I can help.
Also tagged as: cms

Ounce of prevention

September 17, 2003 - 419 words , 24 comments
Steps I’ve taken to deter comment spam and how to keep bots from finding your comment forms.
Also tagged as: commentspam

Remember Me, Movable Type

August 5, 2003 - 439 words , 20 comments
By making it easier for people to comment on your blog, more people will.
Also tagged as: javascript rememberme usability

Zempt competitor?

July 25, 2003 - 233 words
What the SocialDynamX MT application is and how it affects Zempt.
Also tagged as: fmradio socialdynamx zempt

Technorati fix

July 24, 2003 - 163 words , 1 comment
Apparently the Technorati API service is experiencing some problems today that are causing errors for people using my Technorati plugin. The newest version of the plugin fixes this and adds a new feature.
Also tagged as: plugin technorati

RSS Feeds in Movable Type

June 14, 2003 - 559 words
Upgrading MT’s feed support
Also tagged as: howto rss

MT Text formatting buttons in Mozilla

May 15, 2003 - 52 words , 11 comments
Turn on Movable Type’s bold, italic, underline, and link buttons in Mozilla.
Also tagged as: hack richtextediting

New Technorati plugin

May 14, 2003 - 109 words
A new version of the Technorati plugin handles errors in the Technorati XML better, has a bunch or new configuration options, and lets you use Movable Type date formatting commands.
Also tagged as: plugin technorati

Technorati plugin

May 12, 2003 - 1714 words , 53 comments
Dave Sifry has opened up a Technorati interface that allows outside developers to use the Technorati data. I’ve whipped up a quick MT plugin that can get the Technorati link Cosmos for your entire blog or a specific entry and insert it into your blog pages.
Also tagged as: plugin technorati


May 5, 2003 - 518 words , 18 comments
Introducing Zempt, a multi-platform offline publishing tool for Movable Type.
Also tagged as: wbloggar zempt

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