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Developer Experience Principle 3: Easy to Build

October 5, 2020 - 957 words
A product makes it Easy to Build by focusing on productivity for developers building real-world applications.
Also tagged as: api apikey developers devex devrel documentation dx portal selfserve

Developer Experience Principle 2: Easy to Use

September 28, 2020 - 819 words
Making it Easy to Use means letting the developer do everything without involving you.
Also tagged as: api apikey developers devex devrel documentation dx portal selfserve

Form or function in hotel design

November 17, 2015 - 302 words
The hotel has one of the most beautifully designed rooms I’ve ever stayed in. It’s also the worst designed hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.
Also tagged as: design hotel lisbon travel

The rest of the world is not like you

April 5, 2010 - 308 words , 4 comments
Normal people are different. Keep that in mind when creating or marketing a product.
Also tagged as: ipad marketing normal productmanagement users

SEO realities

October 12, 2009 - 278 words
The real search engine optimization. Works every time.
Also tagged as: marketing people powazek seo

Thanks O'Reilly

June 29, 2009 - 124 words , 1 comment
Captcha usability
Also tagged as: captcha oreilly oscon signup

Are we done yet?

January 29, 2008 - 10 words , 2 comments
The worst progress report ever.
Also tagged as: image loading progress

Draconian licensing makes piracy attractive

December 26, 2007 - 480 words , 4 comments
Microsoft’s distinction between OEM and retail versions of Windows is enough to drive one to piracy.
Also tagged as: copyright licensing microsoft piracy windows

DocStoc bizarre form layout

October 19, 2007 - 338 words
Some odd choices in the signup and login form at DocStoc left me frustrated.
Also tagged as: docstoc thisisbroken ui

iPhone dialing annoyances

September 25, 2007 - 572 words , 12 comments
A few annoyances with the iPhone’s phone interface.
Also tagged as: apple iphone thisisbroken

40 items total

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