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Email hoax breaker

May 5, 2006 - 38 words
Most people I know have stopped sending me email chain letters because they’ve gotten sick...
Also tagged as: chain email hoax urbanlegends

Simplelinks changes

May 5, 2006 - 181 words
Some changes in how I post links might make for some weirdness in feed readers for a bit.
Also tagged as: sitenews

Retail tagging

May 5, 2006 - 34 words
An interesting idea for retailers who want to implement tagging—autotag your products to...
Also tagged as: autotag ecommerce folksonomy tagging tagyu

Personal branding

May 5, 2006 - 33 words , 1 comment
Rajesh Setty has a free ebook to imrpove the personal brand of tech professionals. That...
Also tagged as: ebook personalbrand rajeshsetty

Best buy madness

May 5, 2006 - 21 words
Improv Everywhere sent 80 people in khakis and royal blue shirts to hang out in...
Also tagged as: bestbuy pranks

Hasbro instructions

May 5, 2006 - 33 words
While looking for a link to The Inventors game, I discovered that Hasbro has an...
Also tagged as: customerservice hasbro

Startups jobs - Simplelinks

April 20, 2006 - 164 words
Startups, employment, and Enterprise 2.0 make appearances in today’s Simplelinks
Also tagged as: employment enterprise20 folksonomy ideas joblisting microsoft newsgator outage softwaremanagement startups tagging

Tagging ads

April 18, 2006 - 180 words
Tagging, icons, advertising, entreprenuership, application lists, and more are in this edition of Simplelinks
Also tagged as: advertising folksonomy icons iso jeffjarvis metrics osx osxapps php rest rssads sessions tags

Stuff for later

April 5, 2006 - 94 words , 2 comments
PDF merging, procrastination, baseball, and managing your bits in this edition of Simplelinks.
Also tagged as: baseball email inboxzero merlinmann netneutrallity osx pdf software


March 31, 2006 - 138 words
A local biotech company is hiring a "Web 2.0 developer" to build internal and...
Also tagged as: ajax digitalphotography domain folksonomy lucene mailmerge osx rssoverload search software tackit tagging touchstone web20

23 items total

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