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Jobs and startups are the focal point of this edition of Simplelinks.

I find detailed descriptions of site outages, their causes, and their cures interesting. NewsGator’s outage is no exception.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of working at Microsoft, written by a Powerbook-using, unix-loving, hippie (okay, I made that last part up) who works for MS.

Sacrament Executive explains what makes a team dysfunctional. Boy do I recognize those traits.

It appears this company posted most of their product spec as an ad for a contractor. Interesting approach.

Bill Ives is researching tagging in the enterprise and has some notes and links up. I’ve seen all these linsk before, but it’s nice to have them in one spot.

Timeboxes are an interesting way of demonstrating the effects on quality and cost when schedules change.

Trying to keep your company’s ideas secret for fear that someone will steal them? Add Paul Graham to the list of people who think that’s a bad idea.

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