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My scanner insists on creating multiple tiffs for multipage document scans. Graphic Converter can change these into PDFs, but then I have a dozen PDFs. PDFLab to the rescue.

The hows and whys of procrastination. Blogging this here so I can get around to reading it later. (Seriously)

Ball Bug finds interesting baseball stories. Like I don’t have enough to read.

Martin Geddes takes Net Neutrallity down a notch.

Keep your inbox near-empty with Merlin’s Inbox Zero series. Or try Bit Literacy. Or maybe just hire an assistant to read your email for you.


April 10, 2006 6:35 PM

All sound like great ideas but if I had to only choose one I would take the sex assistant who reads emails for me !

April 15, 2006 3:26 AM

Another useful program to manipulate PDF files is pdftk (, available for multiple platforms.

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