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Tips for Writing Nicer Site Badges

February 17, 2007 - 26 words
Tips for Writing Nicer Site Badges — Suggestions for writing more browser friendly JavaScript widgets....
Also tagged as: performance widgets

Highlighting form fields with unobtrusive JavaScript

July 19, 2006 - 357 words , 6 comments
Automatically highlight the form fields on your web page.
Also tagged as: css forms unobtrusive

Remember Me, Movable Type

August 5, 2003 - 439 words , 20 comments
By making it easier for people to comment on your blog, more people will.
Also tagged as: movabletype rememberme usability

Simple Amazon wishlist display

June 27, 2003 - 140 words , 19 comments
Insert your wishlist into any Web page by simply including a bit of JavaScript code.
Also tagged as: amazoncom mtamazon wishlist

I've been robbed.

March 31, 2003 - 528 words , 7 comments
My work is being passed off by another company as their own. Whatever shall I do?
Also tagged as: bigbad memory piracy

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