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Using Google Voice as your voicemail on AT&T

October 26, 2010 - 180 words , 2 comments
How I set up my iPhone to use Google Voice as it’s voicemail system.
Also tagged as: googlevoice iphone phone voicemail

Cingular must really like me

February 17, 2004 - 95 words , 19 comments
Cingular buys my account (and a few others) for $41 billion.
Also tagged as: cingular numberportability

Amazon Reactivated

December 4, 2003 - 349 words , 6 comments
Amazon did activate my new phone, it just took them a week to do it. Now I have two accounts.
Also tagged as: amazon numberportability

Motorola MPx200 Review

December 1, 2003 - 626 words , 42 comments
The first Windows Smartphone to be sold in the US is a winner.
Also tagged as: amazon motorola mpx200

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