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What's this mean?

August 23, 2007 - 89 words , 2 comments
I have an odd icon on my iPhone screen.
Also tagged as: iphone

Google Notifier error on OSX

March 21, 2007 - 118 words
My Google Notifier is broken and I can’t find a solution. Can you help?
Also tagged as: error gmail google

Automating screen captures?

October 17, 2006 - 80 words , 3 comments
I need a screen capture tool that only grabs the diffs.
Also tagged as: screencapture screencasting

Tagyu API ideas

October 17, 2005 - 297 words
Some mashups you could create with the Tagyu API and some other web services APIs.
Also tagged as: amazon ebay googlemaps mashups tagyu webservices yahoo

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