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Broadband Archives

Carmel Wireless July 10, 2003
If there was a coffee place with free wireless, you could bet I’d be there a couple of times a day. What a competitive advantage that would be.

Sea-Tac Wireless June 12, 2003
Even though I was sitting right under one of the signs indicating an access point, Netstumbler couldn’t make a connection. Now when I see Centrino ads, all I’m going to remember are the access points I couldn’t access.

Bad call May 15, 2003
Telephone services are very reliable and broadband is not. Think carefully before switching your telephone service to run over your cable modem.

A bright idea May 13, 2003
Put a wireless access point anywhere you have a lightbulb.

Wireless to go April 19, 2003
A small wireless access point makes it easy to set up wireless networks anywhere I go.

Library Access January 21, 2003
Always be on the lookout to provide additional value to your customers, especially if you can do it without adding any cost.

Rethinking Warchalking January 21, 2003
Warchalks are just advertising for open wireless networks.

DSL deregulation passes House February 28, 2002
Computerworld | Broadband bill wins House approval: "The legislation would eliminate requirements that incumbents open...

AOL Broadband February 22, 2002 | AOL Minds too Narrow for Broadband?: "AOL has indeed made a botch of...

Death of a Portal February 19, 2002
From September 2001: | Death of a Portal: Monopoly Money Asks Excite@Home to Go...

No Open Access? February 15, 2002
Washington Post | FCC Proposes Broadband Rules: "If adopted, the [proposed FCC] rules would hand...