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October 2004 Archives

ACL surgery October 26, 2004
A surgery has me sidelined for a few days.

4.2 Trillion Unread October 24, 2004
A news feed with a lot of new items in it.

Latest SimpleComments October 24, 2004
An update to SimpleComments brings support for dynamic templates, a bug fix, better integration with MT3, and more.

Michael Caine: Remade October 21, 2004
Michael Caine seems to be a target of remakes.

PHP SimpleComments October 20, 2004
SimpleComments for dynamically-published Movable Type sites.

SimpleComments fix October 18, 2004
A fix for some perl warnings in SimpleComments.

RSSCache: spammers October 14, 2004
Marketing to bloggers requires tact and intelligence. Spam isn’t the way to go.

Popcorn sales end Oct 15 October 13, 2004
Time is running out for popcorn sales.

My Spam in RSS October 12, 2004
My spam is now in an RSS feed for your enjoyment.

Plugin maintenance October 12, 2004
Tim Appnel has taken over a few of my plugins.

SimpleComments update October 12, 2004
An update to SimpleComments allows you to include unapproved comments if you’d like.

Gnomedex Blogging panel audio now online October 11, 2004
The audio streams from the Gnomedex blogging panel are now online.

Security notifications October 7, 2004
Secunia’s apparent new practice of publicly announcing security exploits is dangerous.

Open Source Content Management still sucks October 6, 2004
Last July I mentioned that open source CMS has some problems. Jeff Veen has discovered the same problems and has some suggestions.

Category feeds and Control October 3, 2004
I don’t provide category feeds. I like to provide my readers the bits of serendipitous content that comes from only publishing a full feed. At least one audience member at Gnomedex is disturbed by this idea.

At Gnomedex October 2, 2004
A quick report from Gnomedex in Lake Tahoe.