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At Gnomedex

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I’m up in Tahoe at Gnomedex and I’m having so much fun I haven’t even had time for a proper trip report. So here’s the short version…

  • Thursday night I had dinner with a few of the panelists from my Blogging panel. Ross Rader, Nick Bradbury, and Dave Taylor from the panel were there. So were my Pheedo partners Bill Flitter and Charles Smith, and Dave Nielsen from our advisory board. We were joined by Leo Notenboom and Patrick Brightenback from PayPal.
  • At the cocktail party and reception last night I had the opportunity to meet many people I’ve “known” online for quite some time, but hadn’t met in person before. There were some great conversations and you’ll see some nifty stuff coming soon from me and others, much of it as a result of our conversations last night. I’d mention their names here, but I don’t want to look like I’m name dropping and anyway I’m sure I’d leave someone out and they’d be offended.
  • The panel went very well. Although the topic was “Maximizing your Blogging Strategies,” questions from the audience turned the conversation to a variety of information management problems. Everything from video blogs and audio blogs to feed overload was discussed, mostly in the context of how to manage, link to, and pay for all of this information. ITConversations streamed the panel live (and all the other panels) and Doug Kaye tells me they’ll make the archived audio available sometime over the next couple of weeks. I’ll throw up a link when that happens.
  • Chris Pirillo is a fantastic guy. I woke up this morning with some sort of bug. Nausea, fever, aches, the whole nine yards. Chris saw me sitting slumped in a chair in the lobby, stopped everything he was doing and came over to ask what the problem was. When he found out, he went and grabbed his girlfriend to come help out. Ponzi came back with Tums and had room service bring a tray with chicken soup, some crackers, a bagel and some other items.

October 5, 2004 10:26 AM

Glad you got to feeling better. Ponzi was great at keeping things together. Chris has a winner!

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