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August 2004 Archives

Sweet, sweet RAM August 24, 2004
A RAM upgrade leaves me a happy camper.

Thunderbird notifier wish August 22, 2004
I’d like to see an extension that improves Thunderbird’s mail notification.

Lowercase style August 17, 2004
Wired News updates their style guide to reflect the fact that the internet is a medium, not a proper noun.

Autolink URLs in MT Entries August 16, 2004
Automatically link URLs in your Movable Type entries.

Rental madness August 14, 2004
Brides buy gowns while grooms rent their tuxedos. Isn’t that backward?

Password protect your blog August 14, 2004
Password protecting a Movable Type blog using Movable Type’s own user database.

Gnomedex special for my readers August 11, 2004
Get a $50 discount to Gnomedex.

More on syndication August 5, 2004
Here’s what syndication means to a blogger.

Firewire or USB NAS August 5, 2004
How about a device that lets my external drive become a NAS box?

Gnomedex August 3, 2004
I’ll be moderating a panel on blogging at this year’s Gnomedex.

Why Small Businesses should blog August 3, 2004
Six reasons your small business should have a blog.

Meme propagation tracking August 1, 2004
Using the Technorati API to track the spread of a meme.

Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog! August 1, 2004
A collaborative test of meme propogation.