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Why Small Businesses should blog

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In Small businesses and blogging, Church of the Customer discusses blogging options for small businesses, gives some examples of small business blogs, and provides a half-dozen reasons why a small business owner should write a blog:

  1. They fan the flames of customer evangelism. They help humanize you and your organization.
  2. They can function as an instant-feedback machine about your company and its products and services (because of the comments and trackback functions).
  3. They compel you to Napsterize more of your knowledge, which attracts prospects thanks to the search engines which index your ongoing knowledge automatically. Attraction is easier than hunting.
  4. The facilitate the spread of buzz if you’re honest, authentic and write your blog yourself.
  5. They allow you to have more conversations with customers and prospects than you could ever do in person.
  6. They help position you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry.

Trackback from Radiant Marketing Group
August 10, 2004 10:09 AM

Why Small Businesses Should Blog

Excerpt: I'm continuing a meme that I found on two other blog sites that lists six reasons why small businesses should blog. The first was a post on the Kelsey Group site. They picked it up from Church of the Customer.

June 9, 2005 7:00 PM

7. The syndicated aspect of a Blog is polite advertising and/or communication. A Blog is pull or opt- in, in the users control and can never ever compromise them, whereas email is push and not in their control.

Charlie Cook Business Marketing Blog
July 17, 2005 9:11 AM

Adam, Here's the deal. is the marketing site I've built over the last two years. In the last year alone traffic has grown by 350% along with sales of my marketing manuals. In addition to my marketing blog, I write a weekly small business marketing newsletter, all of the above bring in well over a thousand visitors a day. If you want to see how to convert more site visitors to subscribers and customers take a look at I do provide coaching via a small business marketing program and system to marketing consultants and marketing professionals primarily in the U.S. and Canada, though the manuals sell worldwide, many through my affiliate program. Hope this helps. I enjoy your work and look forward to reading more. For the real me! Stay in touch Charlie

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