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Jabra Support -- Fantastic service

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In contrast with my awful experience with Logitech support, Jabra was a delight to deal with.

The problem with my Jabra headset is almost identical to the one I had with my Logitech headset—the Logitech battery would only hold a charge for a few minutes, and the Jabra headset stopped charging altogether. It won’t even turn on. Either I have bad luck with headset batteries, or I’m doing something terribly wrong.

Expecting the worst, I emailed Jabra support and informed them of my problem. In about a day, I received an email back explaining that the problem is usually due to the charger being plugged in incorrectly and damaging the battery (I know I didn’t do this). The email then goes on to tell me that even if I was at fault and damaged the battery, Jabra will still replace it.

Bill from Jabra support says...

I apologize for the problems and inconvenience you are experiencing with your Jabra BT500. The mini-USB cable can be plugged into the BT500 the wrong way. Plugging in the wrong way will fry the battery, making the BT500 inoperable.

To check that you are plugging the mini-USB plug into the headset correctly, make sure the metal underside of the mini-USB cable contacts the small metal strip in the BT500 receptacle. If you did plug the mini-USB cable in the wrong way, the BT500 can still be replaced. If you are plugging the mini-USB cable in correctly, then there could be another problem with the headset requiring replacement.

How great is that? "Hey, it might be our fault or your fault. Don’t worry about it, we’ll replace it no matter what. And in case it’s your fault, here’s what you can do to keep it from happening again."

They even give me some options for getting a replacement, trying to make things as convenient for me as possible.

In either case, if the headset is within the retailer return policy, you can return it for another one. If it is outside the retailer return policy, or the retailer won’t replace it, Jabra will replace it, provided the BT500 is within the Jabra one year warranty from date of purchase, and you can provide a copy of the original sales receipt to be sent along with the defective product. Should you want to obtain a replacement from Jabra, we will need you to reply to this email with the following information:

A lot of companies want to make returns convenient—for them. But Jabra wants to make it easy for me. Contrast this with Logitech’s support, where I was required to fax a copy of my receipt and prove that the unit was under warranty before they’d even talk to me. Then when I tried to faz it and received a constant busy fax machine, they blamed me for the problem and made me jump through hoops to get a mailing address to send the receipt to. When I finally mailed the receipt, it was rejected by the post office: no such address.

None of that with Jabra. "Hey, just email us your name and some information about what went wrong and we’ll send you back instructions for how to return it."

I’ve got some complaints about how the Jabra headset works, but given that I’ve killed two headset batteries in one year, you can bet my future business will be with Jabra. Oh, and that page I have about Logitech’s broken support? It’s the #3 result on Google for "Logitech Support" right behind the official company web site. Ouch.

Student Organization Guy
August 26, 2006 8:48 PM

Wow, nice Google rank! I know Dell apparently has a few employees assigned to peruse the blogosphere for posts flaming their customer service. Perhaps you get to have some more "fun" with Logitech in the near future.

Sam Fredrick
January 5, 2007 7:24 AM

Well... I think jabra support sucks. I am having a problem with my JX10 (not a cheap headset) The speaker is giving a crackling noise. I emailed support and just like you, the responded quickly and asked for certain info.. model, serial...etc.. After providing them with everything they asked, I have not heard back from them. I have sent 8 email messages to them with no response. If they are not going to honor their warranty, why bother offering one?? The unit is about a month and a half away from being out of warranty, I guess they are just going to wait me out. This will be the LAST jabra product I buy, Won't recommend them to anyone.

Bourse Goldman
March 12, 2007 1:33 AM

I am sorry if I am being too sceptic but I don't think that Jabra or most companies will reply in such a good way if they didn't know the particular problem is their fault. At least this has happened to me before - the comapny has offered a convenient for me replacement of a damaged product and later on I have found that the damage is their fault and they have made and sold a whole series of damaged products (such example would be Hitachi HDDs and their "bad" chips). About Logitech - I don't know what product from this brand you have bought but so far I haven't had problems with their products. A friend of mine wrote them an email about a problem he had (which was all his "fault" - all he needed to do is lock his keyboard before using it) and they replied to him shortly with instructions.

July 23, 2008 3:39 PM

Jabra's costumer support is ridiculous. They do not speak english very well. Poor comprehension at the simpliest level. And they talk loud. Ridiculous! After speaking to 3 frontline people, 2 of which I beleive were the same person, I requested a supervisor. Elias would ask me 20 times how can he help me. I received no next level support even after giving my full name and cell phone number. Needless to say I remained polite and calm. So is there no next level support. It would seem that Jabra is not investing in it customers, and not for repeat business. Never again! I'm spreading the word.

August 4, 2008 8:38 AM

I agree that Jabra support sucks. I bought an SP5050 speaker phone for my car. I lost the charger and just wanted to buy a new one but that's not even offered on their website. Then I tried emailing their customer support and can't get the site to accept my request form, despite providing all the info requested in every field. And they don't post a contact phone number on their site. They obviously don't give a sh_t about customer support. I will never buy another product from them and will make sure that everyone I know gets my advice as well.

Jabra Tom
January 25, 2011 12:48 PM

Jabra has no real "at fault" policy on warranty replacements. The only thing you need to provide is the receipt. Even if you ran it over with your car (on purpose), they will replace it. Yeah, their English may be sketchy, but they try to help you as best they can and, like I said, if you have the receipt for proof of purchase, you've got all you need!

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