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February 2003 Archives

Of Mushrooms and children's shows February 28, 2003
Thanks for everything Mr. Rogers. You will be missed. Yeah, we've got problems February 15, 2003
A shopping trip at yields some advice on writing effective error messages and defining sensible software requirements.

MovableJive February 14, 2003
A port of some classic text filters to Movable Type. Translate your posts into Jive, Texas Drawl, Cockney, Swedish Chef, Valley Girl, German Accent, or Hunting Wabbits.

Extending Wireless through the powerline February 8, 2003
A Siemens product that ties your wireless network into your wired network through the powerlines.

Project Blogging With Microsoft February 8, 2003
SharePoint Team services sounds a lot like a FrontPage weblogging tool.

Getting the Gist of marketing February 6, 2003
If it’s the first time in a very long time that you’ve contacted your customer lists, do it right.

WaMu pounding February 4, 2003
A Washington Mutual computer has been denied access to this site.

Columbia February 4, 2003
One day, space travel will be routine.

C++ Web Services February 3, 2003
Looking for a XML-RPC library.

SimpleComments February 2, 2003
A Movable Type plugin that combines comments and TrackBacks into a single, simple list.

Comments, please February 2, 2003
I’m testing out a new MT plugin that I’ve been working on, and I need your help. Please leave some comments and trackback pings on this entry.