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My friends at Chrometa are about to release a Mac version of their automatic time tracking app. It’s up for download right now if you want to play with it.

For a description of what Chrometa does, see this time tracking review on Technolawyer.

The app puts an icon on your status bar like the one on the far left, here:

Chrometa icon

I like to keep the color out of my menu bar, so I created a black and white version.

Chrometa icon

To use it, download Chrometa-Status-Icon.png and save it somewhere handy. Make a backup copy of your Chrometa application in case you want to go back to the old icon at some point.

Right click the Chrometa application and choose Show Package Contents

Chrometa icon

Copy Chrometa-Status-Icon.png into the Contents/Resources folder.

Chrometa icon

Quit Chrometa and relaunch and enjoy your new icon.

Aaron Klein
March 18, 2011 3:25 PM

Now that is some awesomely cool nutty earthiness.

January 27, 2012 3:07 AM


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