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Bright Kite feature idea

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Bright Kite’s iPhone app is very slick. It’s made BK my weapon of choice when sharing my location with potential stalkers my friends. I often forget to update it, however.

I’d love it if the app wold automatically sample my location every so often and if I’m at one my placemarks, check me in there. If I’m not, and I’m more than a certain distance from home, check me in with the city name only.

This way, if I’m at a location I frequent, I’m magically checked in each time I visit. And if I travel to a different city, I’m automatically publishing the city. Makes it easier for random remote stalkers friends to find me when I travel to their city.

December 26, 2008 6:04 AM

I absolutely love this application and find myself using it for work! You would think that with all the lines of direct communication getting a hold of anyone you want would get easier...unfortunately I have found the opposite to be true. The only bad side to this technology is resisting the urge to spy (*EspeciallyWhenAnExIsNearby*) - you didn't hear that from me

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