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iPhone SDK "publisher"

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Apple’s iPhone SDK announcement turned out to be better than I feared. I was concerned they’d restrict free apps, restrict access to local data like maps and contacts, and generally try and control things. From initial reports, looks like you’re free to go nuts with your app, so that’s good.

There’s one little detail, though that hinders freeware and open source software. Apps will be delivered via iTunes or over the air with a new App Store application that sits on the phone. And although the SDK itself is a free download, if you want to distribute your app, you’ll need to join the iPhone Developer program, which costs $100.

Apple takes a cut of any sales of your app, and if you’re giving it away, there’s no fees due to Apple. So the only cost to a freeware or open source developer is that iPhone Developer program fee. The chief advantage of that program is the access to the iTunes store and app store.

I suspect that someone will buy into the developer program and become an app publisher for free apps. The existing distributors of apps using the unofficial SDKs and the AppTapp installer seems to be a prime candidate for this, since they’re already publishing other people’s apps. Just give them your app and they’ll use their Developer Program access to get into the hands of the people.

Timmy Carter
May 26, 2008 2:43 AM

i think $100 is a small fee that opens you many ways to making money with iPhone. my friend also stars making apps for phones. official site:

Timmy Carter
May 26, 2008 2:43 AM

i think $100 is a small fee that opens you many ways to making money with iPhone. my friend also stars making apps for phones. official site:

Timmy Carter
May 26, 2008 2:52 AM

sorry for double-posting. please remove it

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