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Popcorn time

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Each fall in this space I mention my son’s popcorn site. This year it slipped my mind.

For the last several years my son’s been selling popcorn to raise money for local Boy Scouts. With a little help from Dad, he set up a web site to sell the popcorn to distant friends and relatives.

This year, some of the money from his sales goes toward a high adventure trip he and some other scouts are taking next summer. They’ll be trekking to Minnesota’s Norther Tier Adventure Base for 17 days of canoing through the Boundary Waters wilderness along the Canadian border.

More pictures are available in Northern Tier’s photo album.

New this year to the popcorn sales is a donation for sending popcorn to the troops. A $25 donation will help send cases of popcorn to overseas military men and women.

Popcorn sales end this Monday, so if you’re interested in some gourmet popcorn, place your order this weekend.

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