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Wells Fargo -- broken business processes

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When I picked up my temporary card from Wells Fargo, they told me that my wife couldn’t get a temporary one because she wasn’t cancelling an old card, just ordering a new one. No one could explain to me why this arbitrary restriction exists. The fact that she did cancel a card doesn’t matter; this new card isn’t being ordered in direct response to a cancellation, so no temporary card for her. Not that it matters, since we can only use the temporary card on Tuesdays in November following a heavy rain after a full moon. And then only if we’re wearing red. Or something.

Wells Fargo screwed up. They didn’t send a card when they were supposed to. They’re unable to provide a ready replacement, and the reason is they didn’t send the card when they were supposed to. Their mistake is triggering this bad business process and keeping me from my money.

And get this... when I picked up my temporary card, I got the same old song. It doesn’t appear that a card has been ordered. So let’s do that now. And it will take 7-10 days for the new one to arrive. That’s four times in a row this has happened to my wife. And now once for me. That’s right, they had no record that my card had been ordered either.

Oddly, however, when I called Wells Fargo tonight about the missing deposit, they were able to see repeated orders for new cards, followed by cancellations. So someone is lying. Or their systems are seriously in trouble. Either way, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my bank anymore.

September 7, 2006 10:23 AM

Sorry about your troubles. Do they still charge $1.50 for calling and asking questions? That was the last straw for me... although you're right, it's hard to use another bank when they don't have branches or ATMS nearby.

Rob Vaughn
September 7, 2006 1:41 PM

I hate how big they are and keep getting, but I have to admit that I've never had any problems with Bank of America, their ATMs are ubiquitous across the country and most of the First World and even Third World countries, and they snapped up MNBA and now I can pay my credit card directly from my bank, online. Wells Fargo is much better in the advertising biz, but you are much more patient than I! I would have switched awhile ago. Anyway, BoA has done me fine, even removing many of their stupid penalty charges when I've stopped in to complain. Just my two cents, YMMV.

September 8, 2006 7:49 AM

If I were you, I would call whatever 1-800 number they have and traverse the lines of management until you can get somebody who will offer you some sort of recompense for their gigantic mistakes on this one. Other than that, though, if you've got direct deposit I'd go with any other option.

September 8, 2006 10:26 AM

I've heard bad things about Wells Fargo - this just adds fuel to that fire. I bank with Washington Mutual and have done so without a problem for over 5 years. I needed a new card once and got it within 4 days. They're regional though, not national, so they may not be around in your area.

September 11, 2006 2:29 PM

Oddly I've not had any of this kind of trouble in about six years of using WF. I did really well with their mortgage unit, my broker would call every time rates went down half a percent or more so I could do a free refi. Now that rates are going back up... well I sold that place 14 months ago.

September 12, 2006 7:00 PM

Wellsfargo, not only messes up accounts on a regular basis, but lets not forget at least for me, in New Mexico, the 33.00 overdraft plus 4.00 per day charges. I helped a friend in an emergency last week,, he gave me the money right back and the next day i deposited it,, asked the teller if i anything had bounced or been over drawn in 24 hours, and was repeatedly told all was well,,next morninig i wake up to a negative $99.00,, what the heck there was 347.00 to the good,, ok fine, took out my direct deposit advance of 500.00 and the next morning find i have 286.00 left in my account. NOW im mad,, call the bank and ask what the blankety blank blank are they doing!!!! I have 4 more over drafts of 33.00 each, are you people crazy!! for What,, oh the computer does not show overdrafts until the day after,, great i deposited money in the account, should not be any over drafts, sorry but the computer had already posted the over draft before you deposited the money,, ok how come it did not show that to the teller, oh again computer will not show until next day,, ok, so then your bank is a liar,, told me i had no over drafts,, Oh by the way Kim we have pre aproved you for a credit card, that will give you over draft protection,, click,, cell phone drops call,, call back,, cant get same person,, ok,, hey forget credit card we will give you 5,000 dollar line of credit,, LOOK i just want my money back,, that you stole,, cant do that sorry,, i am authorized to give you just one of the 33.00 over drafts back the rest stay,, now lets upgrade you to a better checking account,, now you can get your checks free,, Look,, i am widow with 3 kids,,( I really am!),,I depend on the Direct Deposit Advance for my bills every month,, how am i going to pay my bills when you took 300.00+ out of my acount,, Im sorry mam, there is nothing we can do,, Next morning check account, 511 dollars in my account? Ok,, we will wait one more day and see if this is mistake, or a trick,, next morning, OK, 511.00 in my account,, thanks Wellsfargo,, but I am still watching you,, KIM

September 16, 2006 7:28 PM

I work for Wells Fargo, and first of all- Each of you need to work with a personal banker. This is what they are here for- you'll be dealing with the same person each time, and they already know you're story. It gives a much more personalized banking relationship and would really help each of you with your problems. Adam- I work in CA, and whoever told you that your wife couldn't get a temp card was wrong, and on behalf of that person i apologize. Next time, go directly to a Banker (not a lead teller, no CSSR) or the Store Manager, and your issue will be resolved promptly. Also, honestly, some peole at WF know more than others. Kelly- Please call your local branch. Unless you're a "PMA" customer, there is a fee to call the customer service and speak with a banker. If you call your local branch- you'll talk to a banker for free- and even get a real person you can see :) Dean- WaMu is famous for their customer service. However, if you ever need a personal line/loan, auto loan, or anything except for HE's - you'll have to go elsewhere as they got rid of them all (sold them to WF actually). Kim- that seems like a very frustrating situation. As I noted in the first response, teller's use a different system than the Banker's do, and the fee's really do not show up until the next day. However- if the account has overdrawn, and WF paid the items- and OD will occur. Ways to avoid those fees is to have either: a credit card, line of credit, or savings account linked as overdraft protection. That way- if you account is overdrawn you will have only one $10 transfer fee that day. Or, you can go to, do the transfer yourself (before fees have posted) and you'll be fine. I really suggest sitting down with a banker and or manager to help though. Good luck to all of you! J

October 13, 2006 8:46 AM

We also have had nothing but problems with Wells Fargo Bank. We are going back to Washington Mutual Bank, best bank I have ever used, even though the closest branch is 80 miles away, it is worth it because I have absolutly no confidence in Wells Fargo Bank and there customer service is non existant, not to mention the random fees and numerous mistakes on our online account activity layout.

November 3, 2006 5:16 PM

Well, in a situation with my family, Wells Fargo completely screwed us over. It’s a long and convoluted story, but I’ll try to summarize it. My sister and I took over my grandfather’s account last year as we became his powers of attorney. My grandfather had an active account since 1983 and when he signed up for the account he was given all the possible account benefits. When my sister was signed onto the account in June 2005, it was explained to her that we would have all benefits and that the checking account would be covered by any other account he had (savings). We had to put my grandfather in assisted living and used his account to pay his bills. In May of this year the checking account was overdrawn. Instead of taking money from the savings account like we had been told, they charged us enormous amounts of overdraft fees. We tried to correct it in June, and were told that everything would be fixed and we would be told if it wasn’t. I moved to Puerto Rico in late June and started working there. We later found out that nothing was changed. We continued to try to contact the bank manager but got nowhere. I recently came back to see that we were still being charged up the *** in overdraft fees. We went to the branch manager with explicit details of the two accounts and how they owe us $1400. She continued to treat us as complete morons and said that we were irresponsible and refused to credit us what we are due saying that we hadn’t applied for the overdraft charge protection. We told her about the meeting we had the year before and she responded, “I wasn’t there, so I can’t know what was really said.” The district manager was also equally rude to us, treating us like irresponsible children and also refusing to look at our extensive research, making yet another incorrect and unjust judgment. Despite their claim of appreciation for our grandfather’s business, they’re more than willing to shrug us off like the plague. We are going to close the account as soon as possible and caution all to stay clear of Wells Fargo.

Kristofer Dale
December 23, 2006 9:11 AM

Here's another heartwarming holiday story for you. I work in Albuquerque, NM (yes, the so-called "Land of Enchantment", but that's another story) and I was working in the "far heights" late this Friday evening, December 22, 2006, on an interior design project. With 15 minutes to spare in order to deposit checks totalling around $20,000 needed to cover business expenses and holiday purchases, I covered the distance to my nearest Wells Fargo branch at the corner of Juan Tabo and Montgomery Boulevards in just over ten minutes time on icy streets (no, I wasn't going over the speed limit, there was too much holiday traffic), only to be stopped at a long red light at the adjacent intersection to the branch. Finally, I rolled up and parked in front of the front door right as a bank employee with eyeglasses wearing slacks and a white or light dress shirt, dark curly hair, about average height (I hope this is enough of a description to get his chicken-shit candy-ass fired, but suppose that would be expecting too much from a corporation that clearly does not give a rat's ass about its customers) strolled up and locked the door while watching me wave. As he turned and strolled away without any acknowledgement, I checked my T-Mobile auto-updated cellular phone and saw that it was 5:58 pm, presumably two minutes before official closing time. Thanks for caring! Here's wishing for a lovely Wells Fargo bankruptcy in the coming year, you flaming assholes...

natha anderson
November 30, 2007 1:15 PM

i have been banking at wells fargo for 3 yrs and they messed me over on my first bank acount i had with 30 over braft fees that added up to $800.00 and i they gave me a regauler acount that i opened and now the new acount they gave me 15 over draft fees that added up to $500.00 and the first account with the $800.0 over i put a freeze on it becuase the were letting more stuff go throw it and i was caping on it and the sent it to colections and than the charged it off when o was trying to pay it off now it is on my credit report ass a charge off and it all was there damb over draft frees and now they are trying to do it to my new acount. i had $200.00 in there and than i went to get something to eat and my card did not work and i called they and they said i was $120.00 under after every thang pending and after 5 days later the acount said $499.00 under and i have not used the acount at all than 5 more days go by and my wife gets her work check direct deposeted in to pay they rent that is $698.00 and the bank says that we are $29.00 under that is bull shit. i have had nothing but problems with wells fargo. and i am a computer tech and i put there new computers in for them in phoneix az. and a lady took off $100.00 of my first acount as a one time good faith thang she said and they will not do that to my new acount that is bull crap!!!!

February 23, 2010 10:25 PM

natha....your spelling sucks... hence your terrible banking skills.

Howard Disney
April 2, 2010 10:19 PM

I am not sure "J" speaks for Wells Fargo in general. One Friday afternoon (at the end of a month), my wife wanted a cash withdrawal from the savings. I had a couple of deposits for the checking account. Both accounts had adequate balances. No overdraft activity in either account for more than 15 years. I had a deposit slip for the checking account and a withdrawal slip for the savings account and presented them to the clerk in person. I checked the accounts online Sunday and saw that the checking account had gone negative and the overdraft fees were piling up. Naturally I was at the bank branch early Monday. After presenting my receipts, it became clear that the clerk had made the cash withdrawal from the checking account. The saved images of the slips showed that indeed the withdrawal was from savings, not checking. Modest apologies were offered, with some reluctant acknowledgement that the overdraft fees would be removed. With all the bill paying happening at the beginning of the month, there were a lot of bounced checks. It took me three trips to the bank to get all the fees dismissed. But here is where the completeness ended. One check for a medical procedure was handled somewhere in Texas, and they have a fixed NSF policy (unknown to me and the medical group using this service) that charges me $25.00 without any redress or correction. When I brought this to the attention of the customer service folks, they got all fuzzy and indirect about compensating me for the fee which their error caused. And when questioned why they would not pay me the fee, and having a bogus NSF mark on my credit report caused by their actions, the response was "Sucks to be you" and "how about signing up for a different (i.e., more expensive) account and set of services". I have to admit, that takes some serious stones. I am in the process of abandoning Wells Fargo altogether. Wells Fargo (with Wachovia) are working to delay deposits, create bogus fees, and pressure confused folks into services they don't want or need.

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