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Domain scam

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I’ve gotten several calls today from someone calling themselves "Domain Registry Support" about different domains I own. They’re trying to get information about the domains. I tried to play along to find out what information they want to get, but the guy’s english is so bad and his accent so thick that I finally gave up and just hung up.

Once the caller ID showed what appeared to be a SkypeOut or other voip line, but the other time a toll-free number (866-383-0986) was indicated. I Googled the phone number and found that lots of people have been getting the same calls, and the guy wants their fax number.

One or two people have left comments on various blogs saying that they gave the guy their fax numbers and received a bogus domain registration form from them. The form tried to do two things—transfer their existing domain to this company and register some related domains under the .us country code. One comment said that the address on the fax matched one of the bogus invoices from Domain Registry of America, another domain scammer.

April 25, 2006 5:50 AM

Ha, I got snailmail spam from Domain Registry of America a month ago. I used it to light the fireplace. Their letter looked incredibly shady, shaped more like a bill for something.

July 28, 2006 5:13 PM

Ok, I just got a call (July 28, 2006 @ 4:15 pm PST) from this number 866-383-0986 with Unknown Name on my caller ID. Again it was man with an accent saying he needed to confirm my domain (I don't have a domain). He didn't want a fax number though, he wanted my address! I told him he had the wrong number and he protested still when I told him to Remove Me from His Call List and I hanged up. So, he still wanted my address even though I didn't have a domain for him to verify and even though I told him he must have the wrong number.... Sounds very fishy. As my number is registered on the registery, I promptly filed a complaint...

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