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More dumb feed advertising: Icerocket

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Icerocket’s search results RSS feed has recently started carrying an ad in every item. The ad is a text link just above the item body.

icerocket RSS ad (click for a full-size version)

Not only did they put the ad in retroactively (it appears in all old items, not just new ones) making old items re-appear in my reader, but the ad changes on every request. Every single time my reader checks their feed, it’s different, causing me to download the whole feed again, and all the items show up as new again.

Bad, Icerocket. No cookie for you. (Mark Cuban, are you listening?)

Dana LeBlanc
July 28, 2007 9:47 PM

Adam, I worked with you at Pandesic..I could use your help in getting my name out there as an independent rep for Heartland Payment Systems.

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