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PHP developer wanted

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I’m looking for a PHP developer to work on contract for an upcoming project. The award of this contract is contingent on the the project in question actually getting started. While it’s highly probable that this project will come to pass, there’s a small chance that the contract will not be awarded to anyone.

You’ll be working some exciting stuff in an technology area that has been getting a fair amount of buzz recently. If you’ve always wanted to work on a project that’s well-known, this could be it.

You should be capable of rapid development of complex PHP modules and user interfaces using object orientation, PHP unit tests, and complete template abstraction. You should have a familiarity with the concepts behind Web services. Working knowledge of Perl and/or Python is desirable.

You’ll be involved in RDBMS design, optimization, and development; you must have strong knowledge of MySQL. You should have experience working with PEAR — specific knowledge of PEAR’s Auth and error handling classes is desired. You’ll be working with and extending existing code, some without robust documentation.

The ability to work quickly from conversations and loose specs is required. You should be security minded, have a strong attention to detail and comfortable working under strict time-constraints with little hand-holding. You should write code that is fast, portable, and is well-documented.

Applicant must display a proven track record of delivering projects on-time to specification. References are required and will be checked.

This is a contract position. You should be able to dedicate 20-30 hours a week for during the month of October to this project with at least half of that time during normal business hours (Pacific timezone). There is a chance of additional projects and perhaps full time employment if you are interested. You must be authorized to work in the United States. Applicants in Northern California are preferred, but if you’re good, it doesn’t matter where you live.

To apply, send an email to info AT with your resume in plain text format, your contract rate, an attached sample of 100-150 lines of your best PHP code, your availability for the next 90 days, and your level of interest in full-time employment.

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