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I received a great spam email today. Apparently it was sent as a multipart MIME message (contains both text and HTML). I have my email client set to display the text part instead of the HTML part when both are available. So instead of the spam, what I saw was a plea to “upgrade” my email client so that I could read his spam.

The e-mail original message was not plain text please use html capable e-mail client program. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) e-mail messages are with the look and feel of Web pages, instead of plain text. Like Web pages, HTML e-mail message can incorporate formatted text, images and other objects. These objects are not embedded in the e-mail message itself; rather the HTML code in the message makes references to images and other files stored on a remote Web site. New generation of e-mail programs has recently become available that simplify the view of HTML messages. HTML e-mails are more visually appealing and are usually easier to read than plain text messages. In fact HTML e-mail messages allows us to use graphics, color and text formatting to add your usability to the e-mail message. When you open your e-mail message, the HTML code loads the image from the specified URL into the message’s layout. A wedding of linkable Web pages and regular email, HTML email is a growing medium for Internet communications, and it’s getting easier to use. An HTML e-mail is a message that is presented in HTML instead of plain text. This allows control of colors and fonts, and it even allows the inclusion of images in a message. It’s easy to send HTML e-mail from your client. The key is to understand how to form MIME messages.

Please use a HTML capable email client to view this message.

David Hooper
September 10, 2004 11:54 PM

Have gotten those myself. Have you tried Popfile? It's open source and will help you to deal with this stuff. Amazing program...

Simon Cox
September 11, 2004 4:23 AM

Very amusing, but reading the text my guess is that the spammer has used this text to help it get through besian filters. Not so thick after all! I have html turned off in my e-mail client - I dont like the idea of a company knowing when I have read thier e-mail which is easy to do with amn embedded call to a tiny customed named gif on thier server.

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