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Updated Technorati Plugin

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Jacques Distler emailed me to note that the Technorati API is now returning data encoded in UTF-8. While that may not mean much to you, it does mean that if you are using my Technorati plugin to put the Technorati Link cosmos on your site and one of the links in your cosmos has certain characters in it, all sorts of things may break.

So I’ve updated the plugin to fix that problem and add a couple of minor changes to how it works. This should make things a bit more fault tolerant.

  • (change) XML errors now give a message in the activity log instead of halting the rebuild.
  • (new) If Technorati doesn�t respond, a message is added to the activity log.
  • (change) The Technorati API�s output is now UTF-8. Removed Jacques Distler�s patch (added in 0.92) to strip control chars, as it now causes problems with multi-byte characters.
  • (change) Support for the LIMIT parameter to the API. You can now request up to 100 lastn items from the plugin without slowing hte rebuild or using more than one request.

Trackback from Code Novice
June 27, 2004 1:53 PM

CMS Bookmarks: MT, EE and WP

Excerpt: Just a few notable scripts and plugins I found from various sources:

Kevin Marks
July 2, 2004 2:18 AM

Apologies if we broke something here - the internal data in our databases has been utf-8 since late last year, so it only made sense to switch in the APi too (it is xml's default encoding these days). We could offer an embed-safe version by escaping all chars >127 in unicode, but that would bloat the data a lot if it is foreign-language heavy. Perhaps we could make this an option. Thanks for working with the Technorati API

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