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August 2007 Archives

Removing duplicate files in your iTunes library August 29, 2007
Run a couple of unix commands and rid yourself of duplicate MP3s.

Ye old ball game August 24, 2007
Ye old ball game — From the tiny gloves to the early rules and role...

What's this mean? August 23, 2007
I have an odd icon on my iPhone screen.

SSH on my iPhone - easy August 23, 2007
An SSH client in your pocket.

Simple video editor for Windows August 22, 2007
Looking for a decent video editor that’s easy to use.

VideoCafe -- why? August 8, 2007
How many bloggers want to embed promotional videos?

Tether your iPhone: EDGE internet on your laptop August 7, 2007
Tether your iPhone: EDGE internet on your laptop — Instructions for using your iPhone’s internet...