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July 2002 Archives

CVS for Web devlopers
How to use CVS for Web site development.
July 30, 2002 - 57 words,

MTAmazon Now at Source Forge
MTAmazon is now a project on Source Forge. This way, others can participate in the...
July 28, 2002 - 37 words,

MTAmazon 2.0
MTAmazon is a Movable Type plugin that displays products from on your site. It allows flexible searching and display of products from any of Amazon’s product categories. New in version 2.0 is caching, related products searching, and more tags for Amazon product information.
July 25, 2002 - 2181 words, 26 comments

Amazon plugin
MTAmazon is a Movable Type plugin that uses your Amazon Associate membership to retreive products from Amazon. It allows flexible searching and display of products from any of Amazon’s product categories.
July 14, 2002 - 868 words, 10 comments

Testers wanted for Amazon MT Plugin
I’ve got a new Movable Type plugin ready that uses Amazon’s XML interface to insert...
July 11, 2002 - 48 words,

Email marketing stupidity
I just renewed the domain registration for through Right after I did so, they automatically sent me some marketing email. They made some dumb mistakes in their message that you can easily avoid in your marketing campaigns.
July 9, 2002 - 374 words, 1 comment

Smart Comments for Movable Type
How to put grammatically correct comment counts (0 replies, 1 reply, 2 replies) in your Movable Type pages without JavaScript, PHP, or other server-side scripting.
July 9, 2002 - 690 words, 8 comments

Related Entries Plugin
A Movable Type plugin that inserts entries that are in the same category as the current entry. Now version 1.1.
July 6, 2002 - 295 words, 78 comments

RSS down
The RSS feed for this site is down right now. There’s something screwy going on...
July 2, 2002 - 41 words,

SmartBody Plugin
Another Movable Type plugin. This one is a smart excerpt tag. If an entry has an excerpt, this tag inserts it. If there isn’t an excerpt, the entry body is used instead. Also includes an MTEntryIfExcerpt tag.
July 2, 2002 - 312 words, 15 comments

NicknameLink Plugin
A Movable Type plugin that updates the MTEntryAuthorLink to use the author’s nickname.
July 1, 2002 - 316 words, 7 comments


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