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January 2005 Archives

Placement premiums January 27, 2005
Changes in technology and consumer habits should be changing the business models of companies.

LiveJournal Power-loss post-mortem January 23, 2005
A detailed account of real-world disaster recovery at LiveJournal.

Automating feed subscriptions January 18, 2005
Automatic RSS subscriptions are taking off thanks to some specs and working code from Randy Morin.

Feed usage and copyright January 16, 2005
A trademark lawyer has requested that Bloglines stop including his feed. The complaint? That Bloglines is a commercial service.

Handling RSS in the browser January 12, 2005
People often forget that many of the problems faced by RSS and Atom are not new. They’ve already been solved, so instead of reinventing the wheel we should use the existing standards. How a browser handles an RSS feed is the latest example of this.

Stupid cell phone tricks January 6, 2005
An easy way to get text messages to mobile phones.