April 2006 Archives

Domain scam
There’s a company cold-calling domain owners in an apparent attempt to slam their domains.
April 24, 2006 - 185 words, 2 comments

Incredible Machines
These Rube Goldberg devices brought back some great childhood memories.
April 24, 2006 - 129 words,

Candy Pile
The virtual fundraiser was a success.
April 21, 2006 - 221 words, 3 comments

You can now convert your Visio wireframes to HTML.
April 20, 2006 - 96 words, 2 comments

Startups jobs - Simplelinks
Startups, employment, and Enterprise 2.0 make appearances in today’s Simplelinks
April 20, 2006 - 164 words,

Tagging ads
Tagging, icons, advertising, entreprenuership, application lists, and more are in this edition of Simplelinks
April 18, 2006 - 180 words,

Stuff for later
PDF merging, procrastination, baseball, and managing your bits in this edition of Simplelinks.
April 5, 2006 - 94 words, 2 comments


One on One meetings for managers: Frequency and Duration (Nov 28)
How long should your 1:1s be? How often should you run them?
One on One meetings for managers (Nov 26)
A one on one meeting is one of the top ways you can build your managerial leverage
How the Sales organization in a large company slows innovation (Nov 16)
If you have a new innovative product inside a large established company, it can be much harder to reach product market fit than it would be for the same product in a startup.
Networking as an entrepreneur (Oct 23)
Having a network is crazy important. Networking is not.
Stretching your team (Jun 11)
Stretching your team is one of the best ways to improve your output, your team's happiness, and your velocity. But they'll need coaching.
Physical camera shutter for Cisco Spark Board (Jul 6)
A 3d printable design for a camera shutter for a Cisco Spark Board
My Travel Coffee Setup (Jan 20)
What my travel coffee brewing setup looks like, and how you can build your own for under $100.
Turkey Legs (May 30)
Product naming gone awry.

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