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Here’s some traffic trends for 2007 for this blog.

I passed one million page views this year. There were 1,114,166 total pages viewed on kalsey.com.

Almost 20% of my pageviews came the last weekend of October. All of that traffic was to just a few pages—the jack-o-lantern pattern lists I post every year.

Most of my traffic (75%) comes from search engines. 92% of that traffic was from Google. Yahoo was at #2 with 4.5% of the searches. Altavista, once a top dog in the search world, accounted for less than a half percent of all searches with a whopping 302 searches for the year.

Since most of my traffic comes from search engines, it’s not surprising that most of the top content on the site is stuff people search for. Here’s the posts written in 2007 that were most popular.

  1. Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Halloween
  2. Removing duplicate files in your iTunes library
  3. AppSnapp
  4. Tether your iPhone EDGE internet on your laptop
  5. SSH on my iPhone - easy

And the pages most popular on this site in 2007, regardless of when they were written were...

  1. Rounded corners in CSS—July 2003
  2. Jack-o-Lantern Patterns list —Oct 2005
  3. Buttonmaker app
  4. Stupid Cell Phone Tricks—January 2005
  5. Jack-o-Lantern Patterns—October 2001

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