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Personal Archives

Turkey Legs May 30, 2016
Product naming gone awry.

Vintage Phone Numbers October 27, 2015
I have a bunch of old phone numbers hanging in my closet.

Travel weight of coins August 26, 2014
My laptop bag was getting heavy, so I emptied it. Found 115 coins from 6 different countries in there. That will do it.

Tasting notes for Colombia El Jordan January 4, 2007
The Colombian beans I roasted yesterday turned out surprisingly well.

Colombia Tolima Planadas - El Jordan January 3, 2007
Roasting notes from my second batch.

First roast: Ethiopia Late Harvest Yirgacheffe January 3, 2007
Roasting and tasting notes from Sweet Maria’s Ethiopia Late Harvest Yirgacheffe.

Coffee Roasting diaries January 3, 2007
My coffee roasting setup.

Wiki letdown October 12, 2006
My son’s teacher rejected the use of wikipedia for a class project and seemed confused by the very idea of it.

"That's cool!" October 10, 2006
My son’s first experience with Wikipedia

Startup Camp October 2, 2006
Startup camp sounds like a great idea.

Mail troubles August 18, 2006
If you sent me an email between noon yesterday and now, you might want to resend it.

Seattle trip August 15, 2006
I’ll be in Seattle for a couple of weeks. Let’s meet up.

Skype at 25,000 feet June 8, 2006
The plane’s got Wi-Fi. So of course we had to try Skype.

Autodiscovery of hierarchies through tagging May 16, 2006
Some thoughts on placing documents into a taxonomy by analyzing folksonomies surrounding the document.

Tagyu API update February 13, 2006
Tagyu’s API now suggests categories as well as tags.

Sticking Spacebar on my PowerBook February 12, 2006
A low-tech solution to a sticking key. Brute force.

Ego crush February 11, 2006
Now I can watch people ignore my blog in real time.

Tagyu apologies January 25, 2006
Tagyu’s running a bit slow right now. All will be well soon.

In NYC January 9, 2006
I’m in New York. Anyone want to meet up?

Tailrank needs a designer January 5, 2006
Designer wanted for Tailrank.

Rose Bowl January 4, 2006
My son is a big Longhorns fan, so you can imagine the screaming and happiness at my house right now.

Tailrank advisor January 4, 2006
I’m now on the advisory board for Tailrank

Pinewood Derby tip blog January 3, 2006
My new blog on building winning pinewood derby cars.

My kids' Winter Celebration December 7, 2005
Christmas has been replaced in schools. How offensive is that?

Death of a rodent December 7, 2005
My battle with the pest has finally come to an end.

Attending Riya launch November 14, 2005
I’ll be attending the Riya alpha launch party at the "TechCrunch house" on Friday. If you’re there, grab me and say hi.

A better Mousetrap November 8, 2005
AdSense is now displaying ads for "no harm" animal traps on my site.

The mouse and me November 7, 2005
Not only is the mouse very destructive, but it’s evaded all attempts to capture or kill it so far.

Squidward Pumpkin Pattern October 30, 2005
An original pattern of SpongeBob’s Squidward created by my nine-year-old son.

Email legal notices gone wild October 20, 2005
A very long legal notice attached to the end of an email message.

Tagyu API ideas October 17, 2005
Some mashups you could create with the Tagyu API and some other web services APIs.

Jack-o-Lantern Patterns list October 15, 2005
Tradition dictates that I hunt down some pumpkin carving patterns. Here’s the 2005 installment.

Choosy Taggers Prefer Firefox October 11, 2005
Firefox usage at Tagyu is enormous.

New to Tagyu: Bookmarklets and Web Services October 8, 2005
Tagyu learns some new tricks, including a web services interface.

Tagyu accuracy October 8, 2005
How to get better results out of Tagyu.

Getting a slow start October 5, 2005
The need to start off with a bang is keeping me from blogging.

Leaving Pheedo September 26, 2005
I’ve resigned from Pheedo, the company I helped found, to pursue other projects. I’ve built...

Feed usage patterns July 21, 2005
Trends and analysis of feed usage.

Systems Administrator June 30, 2005
Pheedo’s looking for a good systems administrator.

New phone books! June 19, 2005
Walking up the stairs at Pheedo’s new office last week, I saw a newly-delivered phone...

Comment stats February 2, 2005
Some random stats about URLs in my comments.

Grapple December 4, 2004
The Grapple is supposed to look like an apple and taste like a grape.

What's this blog about? December 3, 2004
A weighted list of what I talk about on this blog.

ACL surgery and recovery November 11, 2004
Details on my ACL surgery and recovery. Includes photos!

ACL surgery October 26, 2004
A surgery has me sidelined for a few days.

4.2 Trillion Unread October 24, 2004
A news feed with a lot of new items in it.

Michael Caine: Remade October 21, 2004
Michael Caine seems to be a target of remakes.

Popcorn sales end Oct 15 October 13, 2004
Time is running out for popcorn sales.

Category feeds and Control October 3, 2004
I don’t provide category feeds. I like to provide my readers the bits of serendipitous content that comes from only publishing a full feed. At least one audience member at Gnomedex is disturbed by this idea.

At Gnomedex October 2, 2004
A quick report from Gnomedex in Lake Tahoe.

At Gnomedex October 2, 2004
A quick report from Gnomedex in Lake Tahoe.

Joining Pheedo September 28, 2004
A consultant no longer, I’m now the CTO of Pheedo.

On consulting and focus September 28, 2004
I’ve got too much on my plate. Want to help me clean it off?

PHP developer wanted September 23, 2004
I’m looking for a PHP developer. Inquire within.

Cub Scout Popcorn September 13, 2004
Popcorn sales have started again, and this year the kids have a blog.

New license plate September 2, 2004
A new license plate for me.

Blogsnob Preview September 1, 2004
A preview of the next release of Blogsnob.

Sweet, sweet RAM August 24, 2004
A RAM upgrade leaves me a happy camper.

Lowercase style August 17, 2004
Wired News updates their style guide to reflect the fact that the internet is a medium, not a proper noun.

Rental madness August 14, 2004
Brides buy gowns while grooms rent their tuxedos. Isn’t that backward?

Gnomedex special for my readers August 11, 2004
Get a $50 discount to Gnomedex.

Gnomedex August 3, 2004
I’ll be moderating a panel on blogging at this year’s Gnomedex.

Giants kick butt July 31, 2004
The Giants provide some serious retribution for the complete game shutout that Matt Morris pitched a few weeks ago.

Thinkpad "piscles" July 30, 2004
My laptop has started having LCD problems. hiring July 29, 2004
The non-profit voter information site is looking for a technology director.

ACL July 27, 2004
While playing soccer, I tore my ACL, the ligament that holds the knee together.

Telemachus and HTTP July 26, 2004
The end of gladiatorial combat and HTTP error messages.

Close Cut July 24, 2004
When clippers slip.

Fresh paint July 8, 2004
I started refactoring the site and ended up with a new design.

Olympus cameras on sale June 17, 2004
Last year when I was looking at digital cameras, I nearly bought an all-weather Olympus. Now Amazon has it and all their other Olympus cameras on sale.

Ebig tonight May 4, 2004
I’ll be speaking tonight at the meeting of the East Bay IT Group.

New Google features, UI March 29, 2004
Google’s released two new features and tweaked their UI. But where’s the RSS?

Stop the music March 28, 2004
What’s with all the music on blog pages recently?

Online Publishing Discussion List March 26, 2004
I-Blog is changing. The discussion list has a new name and a new focus.

Amazon Elephants February 25, 2004
In which strange patterns emerge in my Amazon Associates account.

Thanks Tom Ransom February 25, 2004
I’ve cleared a place under the desk for my "new" Mac.

BigBad thieving February 20, 2004
A year later, a BigBad employee explains what happened with the code robbery.

Cingular must really like me February 17, 2004
Cingular buys my account (and a few others) for $41 billion.

Social manners February 1, 2004
Etiquette has yet to emerge for social networking sites.

Only in the public sector January 18, 2004
The California DMV has office hours that baffle and amaze.

I-Blog January 13, 2004
I’ve joined the staff of MarketingWonk as the new moderator of I-Blog, an email discussion list focused on the use of weblogs in business and marketing.

New project and identities January 1, 2004
I’ve started a new project that has me musing about my professional identity.

California Government CSS Design November 21, 2003
As far as I know, is the first California state government site that is designed with entirely CSS layout techniques.

Hiccup remedies November 12, 2003
Does anyone have a sure-fire way of getting rid of hiccups?

Popcorn deadline October 17, 2003
The last day for popcorn orders is approaching.

BlogSnob October 15, 2003
I’ve acquired BlogSnob, an advertising service for Weblogs.

Kiddie Commerce September 29, 2003
My kids are selling popcorn for their Cub Scout Pack. To help them learn about business and running a Web site, I’ve set up a simple ecommerce site for them.

Throwing out the baby September 8, 2003
The comment spam has gotten so bad that I’ve taken to deleting any short, generic...

Optimizing your RSS feed August 11, 2003
How to reduce your bandwidth expenses by optimizing your RSS feed.

Poly-fooey August 10, 2003
Am I the only one that thinks polyphonic ringtones sound like elevator music played on a $15 Casio keyboard?

RSS resource August 9, 2003
If you want to learn how RSS can help you or keep track of new RSS tools and services head over to Lockergnome’s RSS Resource.

Carmel Wireless July 10, 2003
If there was a coffee place with free wireless, you could bet I’d be there a couple of times a day. What a competitive advantage that would be.

Sports oxymoron July 9, 2003
Only in sports coverage would anyone say "[He] narrowly widened his lead."

July 4 July 4, 2003

It's an MLM exchange July 2, 2003
I suppose it was to be expected, but it appears that my Textad exchange is very popular with MLM sites.

Retainer offer June 24, 2003
It has occurred to me that I’ve never actually asked for business from my readers. So as something of an experiment, I’m going to make an offer that is exclusively open to you, my weblog readers.

Donations and open source teams June 23, 2003
Many open source projects accept donations as a way of funding their development efforts and I’m wondering how these donations are typically distributed among team members.

Domain registration time June 19, 2003
It’s time to renew the registration for and I’m evaluating my options and soliciting suggestions from the peanut gallery.

Not Radio June 16, 2003
To the person who’s trying a variety of URLs to find mySubscriptions.opml on my server: this blog isn’t made with Radio Userland. So you won’t find it.

...Cut once June 15, 2003
The origin of this blog’s title is the old carpenter’s adage, "measure twice, cut once." The adage admonishes builders to plan carefully. Measure each board before you cut it, since once it’s been cut, you can’t undo the cut.

Sea-Tac Wireless June 12, 2003
Even though I was sitting right under one of the signs indicating an access point, Netstumbler couldn’t make a connection. Now when I see Centrino ads, all I’m going to remember are the access points I couldn’t access.

Ironed June 9, 2003
A triple issue from the Under the Iron series includes interviews with Mark Pilgrim, Anil Dash, and me.

Best of Newly Digital June 6, 2003
There have been dozens of Newly Digital entries from all over the world. Here are some of the best.

From the Flame Dept. June 3, 2003
Newly Digital is a personal project. It wasn’t designed to cater to whatever idea of fairness or equity you might have. Everyone has an equal chance to participate, but that’s not good enough for some people.

I was Newly Digital May 31, 2003
A simple Texas Instruments TI-99/4a computer started a lifelong interest in computing and ultimately launched my career.

Newly Digital May 31, 2003
Newly Digital is an experimental writing project. I’ve asked 11 people to write about their early experiences with computing technology and post their essays on their weblogs. So go read, enjoy, and then contribute. This collection is open to you. Write up your own story, and then let the world know about it.

Anatomy of a meme May 23, 2003
The Button Maker GUI spent some time at the top of the three weblog popularity indexes. Here’s how it got there and what kind of site traffic that it generated.

Matrix Geeks May 15, 2003
Why do geeks love The Matrix? Because in it, the geeks save the world.

Living in stereo April 27, 2003
Some thoughts on using MP3 libraries on your computer, with and without wires.

Wireless to go April 19, 2003
A small wireless access point makes it easy to set up wireless networks anywhere I go.

Manipulating the (blog) market April 17, 2003
How much influence can one person have in a fictional stock market?

Is efficiency bad? April 15, 2003
Does a more efficient economic system provide a benefit? Of course it does.

Simplicity April 8, 2003
Worth quoting: "If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it." Jeff Nichols, Pervasive...

Comment spam April 5, 2003
Perhaps the fact that I have a comments form available on almost every entry on...

Feed overload April 4, 2003
How to ban someone from requesting a Web page and give them alternate content instead.

I've been robbed. March 31, 2003
My work is being passed off by another company as their own. Whatever shall I do?

Lost mail March 7, 2003
If you emailed in the last day or so and I haven’t responded, please resend...

Of Mushrooms and children's shows February 28, 2003
Thanks for everything Mr. Rogers. You will be missed.

WaMu pounding February 4, 2003
A Washington Mutual computer has been denied access to this site.

Columbia February 4, 2003
One day, space travel will be routine.

Referral Abuse January 30, 2003
Aggregators are misusing the http referrer header to identify themselves.

Rethinking Warchalking January 21, 2003
Warchalks are just advertising for open wireless networks.

Jury Duty January 17, 2003
I’m on jury duty next week, so I’m looking for WiFi near the courthouse.

Prices anyone? January 17, 2003
Product reviews need to provide more complete product information.

Full Post RSS Feed December 24, 2002
This weblog’s RSS feed is now available as full posts.

Stating the obvious November 27, 2002
Did you know that computer companies like ecommerce?

Strange relations November 26, 2002
Google thinks the Related Entries plugin is perverted.

Simplelinks November 25, 2002
Simplelinks is a collection of interesting spaces on the Web. Short, to the point, without commentary.

Burning bridges November 19, 2002
When leaving a company, don’t lose your head.

The Amazing Google September 24, 2002
I needed a driver for a product, but I didn’t know who made it. This sounds like a job for Google.

Comments feed September 17, 2002
An RSS feed that contains the comments on items in this weblog. Keep up to date on the comments without repeatedly checking the site.

Landspeeder for sale September 5, 2002
A full-size Star Wars Land Speeder for sale on eBay.

Labor Day origins September 2, 2002
Why is the first Monday in September a national holiday?

Google woes September 1, 2002
Why won’t Google provide a more complete description?

Ironic misspelling August 25, 2002
An announcement for a spelling correction feature that contains misspellings.

Wrong Number? August 22, 2002
Could someone explain this odd telephone call?

Moving Day August 21, 2002
This site is moving to a new host, so you may experience some funkiness for...

Perfect Martini August 15, 2002
How to create a great martini ping August 6, 2002
For those that care, we now ping

MTAmazon Now at Source Forge July 28, 2002
MTAmazon is now a project on Source Forge. This way, others can participate in the...

Testers wanted for Amazon MT Plugin July 11, 2002
I’ve got a new Movable Type plugin ready that uses Amazon’s XML interface to insert...

RSS down July 2, 2002
The RSS feed for this site is down right now. There’s something screwy going on...

Why are you here? May 8, 2002
Acts of Volition is celebrating their 500th post. I like AOV because Steven and friends...

Kalsey Consulting Group April 29, 2002
As you’ve no doubt noticed, things have changed around here and now you know what...

Too busy April 14, 2002
I’ve been too busy to update this site over the last week or so. There’s...

My Dog Spot March 30, 2002
If you have ever lived near a Cal Worthington car dealership, chances are you’ve seen...

Wrong Firewall March 23, 2002
Moreover’s "edited" computer security feed has a link to a story called "More heat for...

Comment March 16, 2002
I’m catching up on some old reading, so some of toady’s links have been around...

Spring fever February 28, 2002
I’ve been absent for the last few days, but I assure you that I’ll be...

Swordfish February 22, 2002
One man stabbed another with a swordfish in a drunken brawl....

Email warning February 21, 2002
I love lawyers. When I signed up for Safeway’s online shopping service I received an...

Find anything? February 20, 2002
Looking through the stats for, I find that someone requested 4 pages with WebTrends...

Site Refactoring February 17, 2002
The process of creating a structure for this site is a real-world case study for...

Kick February 16, 2002
Don’t let anyone tell you that geeks don’t know how to party....

Randomness February 15, 2002
I was perusing the Random Headline feed from Syndic8 and I came across an article...

Generic Names February 12, 2002
Advanced Information Solutions Debuts Advanced Practice Management Software for Law Firms: "Advanced Information Solutions, Inc....

Streaming Superbowl commercials February 4, 2002
Watch the Superbowl advertisements online.

Scotch vs. Cognac February 2, 2002
Do scotch and congac taste the same?

MGB On eBay January 26, 2002
Emma, my beloved 67 MGB roadster, is for sale.

Great Host January 26, 2002
Need IIS hosting? Try Endore.

Antique Onion January 23, 2002
People familiar with the antique business will find this Onion article funny.

One Year January 23, 2002
On the one-year anniversary of this weblog, reflect upon what I’ve learned.

Layout Problems January 20, 2002
Users of some browsers might have trouble viewing this site.

Number 300! January 16, 2002
This marks a milestone for this weblog. This is the 300th entry I have made...

Radio Schizo January 13, 2002
When I saw the headline on Plastic "'It Really Has Nothing To Do With The...

Small World January 6, 2002
Heather is doing a Mirror Project exhibition at a bakery called Muffins, Etc. in Sacramento...

Hiatus December 14, 2001
Ugh. I’ve been on a little bit of an unintended hiatus of late. First I...

Cable Modem Wonderland December 3, 2001
I’ve been offline for a few days. AT&T has dropped cable modem service due to...

More Strangeness November 26, 2001
Another interesting thing is the wacky search terms that people used to find my site...

Odd Referers November 26, 2001
I’ve been getting some weird refering sites recently. I don’t get why the International Atomic...

Actual Size, But It Seems Much Bigger November 24, 2001
Seen on the box for a 15 foot artificial Christmas tree: "Contents May Differ...

Lights November 23, 2001
I spent much of the day installing Christmas lights. Our house gets a bigger and...

Addiction November 22, 2001
If you are "addicted to cold turkey," how do you quit?...

Happy Thanksgiving November 22, 2001
For those of you that live in the US, Happy Thanksgiving from my family. Heck,...

New Monitor November 21, 2001
About the only good thing about working for a company that goes under is you...

New Server November 18, 2001
The server has been moved. It’s going to take a day or two for various...

Moving November 17, 2001
I’m moving the server that hosts I probably won’t post any new entries here...

New RSS feed November 10, 2001
This blog now has an RSS newsfeed. If you use a news aggregator like Radio...

Emma for sale November 6, 2001
I’m selling Emma, my 67 MGB. I’ll put some pictures and a description of her...

Kid jokes November 1, 2001
I remember when I could say anything silly to my kids and they would laugh....

Pumpkin patterns October 31, 2001
Are you looking for the list of Jack O' Lantern patterns? The main page of...

Halloween pictures October 29, 2001
I’ve posted pictures of Saturday’s Halloween party....

Wayback titles October 26, 2001
I need some better titles for my Internet Archive bookmarklets. The names I have aren’t...

My youngest son Taylor took October 25, 2001
My youngest son Taylor took his first bike ride without training wheels this evening....

Archived rot October 25, 2001
I’ve updated my link rot page to include a link to the offending page at...

Forwarded-Email-Joke-Of-the-Day October 22, 2001
We’ve been notified by Building Security that there have been 4 suspected terrorists working at...

Comment changes October 16, 2001
I made some changes to the comments system. The only one that is visible to...

Comments! October 15, 2001
I’ve just installed a comments system. Now my readers (yes, both of you) can interact...

Evil Bert's new friend October 15, 2001
Now these two have started hanging out together. This can’t be good....

Heil Mother-In-Law October 12, 2001
An anagram of Mother-in-law is "Woman Hitler."...

Cure Musings June 6, 2000
Concert musings.