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Flash avoidance

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Brent Simmons says, "I don’t miss Flash in the least tiny bit." He deleted Flash from his system and discovered that he really doesn’t need it.

I’ve been using the Proxomitron to disable Flash (among other things) for about two years. The number of people that are removing or disabling Flash is growing.

If you are using Flash when building your site, remember that not everyone has Flash installed. Make sure to provide non-Flash content. A number of sites use Flash navigation. That’s just plain dumb. Anyone who visits your site without Flash won’t be able to get past your home page.

If you still use a Flash splash screen, remove it. Splash screens are obnoxious. They make people pass a hurdle to get to your site. If someone wants to visit your site why slow them down with a useless screen?

If you still insist on using a splash screen, make sure that the "Skip Intro" link is in text, not Flash. That way people who don’t have flash will still be able to click through to your main site.

October 29, 2002 6:21 PM

Why is it that as the bandwidth available to people has become greater, people are becoming more and more concerned about optimizing their pages for fast loading? This seems so counter intuitive. I guessed 5 years ago that by the mid-part of this decade we would be past the textual side of the Internet, that we would be using the Internet not as a world of words but of images and sounds--like the TV. I doesn't look like that will happen and the reason why might be that people don't--as much as they sit and stare at them--like their TVs as much they assume they do. It seems the information filled world of online-newspapers, blogs, and community is much more desired force than being spood fed TV-content like Flash movies and other non-essential elements like Animated GIFs and background MIDIs.

Adam Kalsey
October 29, 2002 7:46 PM

As the Internet grew in popularity, pundits tried to understand it by forcing the net into the mental models they understood. Since consumers viewed the Web through glowing color screens, prognosticators saw the future of the Internet as being interactive TV. These futurists didn't understand one thing. If the Web is TV, then why would we need both?

December 8, 2003 7:37 AM

Let me guess, you are an unemployed flash designer

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