August 2001 Archives

Going Postal
Yesterday I wished I had my camera with me. I saw a flatbed truck carying...
August 28, 2001 - 26 words,

Photoshop Tennis
Photoshop Tennis is a great idea....
August 24, 2001 - 6 words, 1 comment

Apparently one rule of the US Interstate highway system is that one out of every...
August 22, 2001 - 41 words,

WebWord pointed me to the ZDNet Research Center, a place to find whitepapers, case studies,...
August 21, 2001 - 27 words,

Standard struggling
One of great magazines of the Internet boom, The Industry Standard has ceased publication while...
August 17, 2001 - 34 words,

Automatic transmissions for bicycles....
August 14, 2001 - 5 words,

The World Wildlife Fund has won a court battle to stop the World Wrestling Federation...
August 10, 2001 - 37 words,

CMS Price Wars
Will Microsoft’s price cuts on Content Management Server spark a price war?...
August 10, 2001 - 13 words,

Holey Extensions
In the battle against email worms and virii, Microsoft’s strategy has been to make sure...
August 10, 2001 - 70 words,

Kngiht Rider is going to
Kngiht Rider is going to return as a movie....
August 3, 2001 - 10 words,


Stretching your team (Jun 11)
Stretching your team is one of the best ways to improve your output, your team's happiness, and your velocity. But they'll need coaching.
Physical camera shutter for Cisco Spark Board (Jul 6)
A 3d printable design for a camera shutter for a Cisco Spark Board
My Travel Coffee Setup (Jan 20)
What my travel coffee brewing setup looks like, and how you can build your own for under $100.
Turkey Legs (May 30)
Product naming gone awry.
Speaking for Geeks: Your Slides (Dec 17)
Tips and tricks for creating great slides.
Speaking for Geeks: Writing Your Talk (Dec 14)
Don’t wait until the night before the talk to write it. Crazy, I know.
Speaking for Geeks: Tell a Story (Dec 13)
Telling a story keeps your presentation focused, keeps your audience interested, and makes it easier for you to remember your talk.
Speaking for Geeks: Where to speak (Dec 11)
You've got a great idea for a talk. How do you find conferences to submit it to?

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